conflict resolution…

the toughest thing in ministry is dealing with conflict. whether its rooms, times, people or issues, attitudes, whatever…you will always have this thing called conflict.  
so how do you handle it? 
dismiss it!
ignore it!
get in a huge fight because of it!
or deal with it!

a few ways not to deal with it…
1. leave a hateful short message on someone’s voice mail.
2. write a letter and stick it in their mail box, on their car or on their door telling them how evil they are.
3. send an email and slam them for like 10 paragraphs of nonsense.
4. text…nuff said
5. post a blog – now thats mentally challenged (pc word for retarded)
6. tell the world-preach it preacha
7. call them on the phone and just start hollering! (they will hang up)

a few ways to deal with it…
1. pray for all parties involved.
2. seek out counsel from others wiser than you before blowing up!
3. seek to understand before trying to be understood – so many times we fail to understand the simple things that cause conflict causing conflict to be blown up!
4. delivery determines response…if you blow up the issue will blow up! there is this thing called tact that some don’t have-be tactful!
5. always look for the good before dealing with the bad. don’t come out of the batters box swinging…take a few practice swings talking about what’s good before dealing with what conflicts. you may even have to really scrape for something good to say!
6. location is important-you can;t deal with conflict in a busy, distracting place…discreet and privacy are necessary to focusing on the issues at hand.
7. face to face-the best way to deal with it is one on one!
8. if it gets out of hand…bow and pray!

just a few thoughts on conflict…

how have you dealt with it?


2 thoughts on “conflict resolution…

  1. Man! Conflict, I dont know why, but I have a hard time when it comes to conflict, I try my best to avoid it. And Im always forced to pick a side!! I hate that feeling. But you gave some practical ways to deal and not deal with it.

    I personally pray! Be like “Lord, touch them before they go crazy!!”

    And if it’s conflict with me, I try to nail in the bud, I don’t like knowing that someone is upset at me, lets talk it out and come to an agreement or resolution.

  2. Unfortunately there is always conflict in ministry–sometimes more than others. I have found that prayerful thought and consideration ahead of time and a conversation with wiser folks than me helps before having a face-to-face. Sometimes that conversation has to take place with someone else present to protect me and the other individual too. Never fun, but I think that God honors our efforts to deal with that conflict in a compassionate manner.

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