saturate 08…wrap up!


moments that change lives. this weekend retreat was full of moments that started change! 

a few thoughts about the weekend…

– the altar is so vital to change
– worship was on another planet…the team was great…good job eric!
– some kids that have never responded in worship began to respond for the first time!
– islands of adventure-waited for like an hour in a guest services line for group tickets-thats pathetic!
– leadership is the key to a great retreat. props go out to all my peeps that stepped up this weekend- the band led by eric, equipment set up and tear down…headed up by ronnie, rooms check by daniel and lis, media headed up by pastor jon, tour bus driver brian, pastor jon taking the lead at islands, and all the room leaders-you guys rock!
– it takes a lot of work to pull off this weekend-but when you see the fruit in the altars-its all worth it!
– the valet guy called me father, pastor or whatever they call you…basically the unchurched don’t have a clue.
– we had a great group os students go this weekend…not without a little teenage drama.
– whenever you get a group of teenagers together there will always be some drama!
– funk stank is a word.

thanks to all those that read this blog and pray for crave…God was so good to us this weekend!

1 thought on “saturate 08…wrap up!

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! Thats whats sup! Im happy you guys had a great time! Man you know what would be so cool! If we did a retreat with you guys! Ah man that would be so cool! But I guess you guys want that personal retreat with your kids. Just a thought!

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