tuesday…a day of meetings

in order to be successful at any venture you have to meet with people in order to get the momentum you hope to obtain in any event, activity or outreach.  i find that the longer i am in ministry and the more we grow the more meetings it takes to get it done. i met with a friend this morning to pour into, then staff meeting, then i ran into one of our fine arts directors and we talked about a few issues we had, then ran to another meeting over 2 events that are coming real soon as well as other pressing issues, then it was a creative meeting for easter (wow the ball is really rolling in this one). finally i got to work on some service details for wednesday and then ran home.  

meetings are necessary to the success of anything!


1 thought on “tuesday…a day of meetings

  1. Not when it seems that all you are doig is having one meeting after the other. Try to schedule just wo meeting “times” during the week/ I do a “my team” on Tuesday morning followed by a soft break out session. An hour later is the full-blown mgt meeting. Thursday is follow up with some of the people I met with the Tuesday –

    Work more – by working smarter…



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