relationships…answering the tough questions


tonight’s message is one part in a series on relationships. i find that so many students are confused about their sexuality and boundaries. tonight we are going to answer some tough questions kids have with biblical answers. my prayer is that truth will heard and that opinion will step aside for the truth to be heard.  you may ask what questions are you gonna answer…

1. teenage pregnancy…how are we supposed to respond!

2. is it ok to have sex before you get married?

3. is homosexuality an alternative lifestyle?

4. bisexuality…good thing or bad thing?

as you can tell its gonna be interesting…we went to city walk this past weekend and interviewed some teens and asked them their opinion on these questions…

the issue is people are asking the wrong questions…The question not to ask is what can I do or who can I do it with whether same sex or not!
the questions we should be asking is…
– What do I need to do today to be pure?
– What choices will I have to make today that will affect purity?
– how close can i get to god not somebody else?


1 thought on “relationships…answering the tough questions

  1. Man this sounds like its going to be a great series!! I wish I could be there to hear some of the responses. Just last week I was talking to my pastor about some of those questions!! It’s cool to see you talking to the teens about that subject cause I believe today society (MTV) has made it ok to be gay!! Looking forward to reading your blog as you share more on this series!!

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