today i spent the day working with a group of students on a human video piece for fine arts. we are working on a piece about martyrs…it’s truly morbid starting out with a victim being burned at the stake. anne askew was tortured until her arms and legs were pulled out of her sockets and she passes out. when she wakes up she preaches to her tormentors for 2 hours. the day of her execution she was carried in a chair to the stake where she was burned alive. she prayed for her tormentors in the midst of the flames.
we worked on building lots of scenes and following a song by leeland…tears of the saints. great day of work with students- i dropped by the local skate park to put up some signs for an outreach we are doing next weekend then met my family at the ormond steakhouse. great day topped off with a venti upside down caramel machiato…ahhhh i love starbucks!


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