friday night…high school musical?

img_0085.jpg img_0090.jpg

well its friday night…what’s in store for a night out on the town.  well in youth ministry there is always events that students just want you to attend.  i found myself at a high school musical.  literally it was a high school performing “high school musical” i truly had a great time…until near the end i was in the middle of sending a text message and the main character jumps off the stage and begins to dance with yours truly. i found myself being swung around clutching my phone for the final number.  friday night was a high school musical.  i have been to plays, sporting events and beauty pageants all in the name of ministry.

i love my kids so i love to just show up with some support for their event. we work so hard trying to get them to show up for our events why not show up for something they are in? 


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