whose blog in ministry am i stalking?

stalking may be the wrong word, but when you look into someone’s thoughts at least once a day from a distance and most of the time they don’t know it, then i guess you would be a stalker…so here is a short list of blogs i read regularly…these are people that i would love to meet one day and have a better connection than a blog…

mark batterson…great read on life and ministry…this guy thinks outside the box!
gary lamb…a church planter i stumbled onto this blog, it’s a great read!
josh giffin…more than dodgeball. great read if you are in youth ministry!
steven furtick…lead pastor of a church in charlotte…great read for the driven!
mark atrip…youth pastor…good read for anyone in youth ministry-i like reading blogs by peeps with passion for what they do!
Carlos Whittaker…musician, blogger, and pastor living in the ATL, Atlanta, GA. edgy read…love it!

this is just a short list…

1 thought on “whose blog in ministry am i stalking?

  1. I think that interacting with people that you would normally not talk to would be a good way to start to getting to know people.

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