come see a man…

tonight i came home from a mens service at our church…our pastor jim raley…spoke to our men and was so real. i left that place truly desiring to be a better man! pastor is such a great communicator and he made a qualified statement about imitation. “as long as i don’t lose my mind imitate me…if i ever lose my mind (pray i don’t), then stop imitating me.” he is so real and so human-so many pastors are so plastic and polyester…this is why i love being apart of calvary. if i could imitate anyone, i would want to imitate our pastor in terms of his passion for ministry, life, family and preaching the word. now i work for him and you might be thinking…ahhhhh that’s nice-but if i could be real with anyone-who would you pick to imitate your life? just remember that person needs to be able to be real and speak into your life on a regular basis. they can’t just say what you want, they gotta say what you need! who would it be?

today he preached on the woman at the well that saw a man that changed her very life. she said “come see a man” i was so stirred about that statement today. god shook me up today! then it all got topped off at the fundamental mens service.


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