who i think needs to blog…

i wrote yesterday about people whose blogs i read…i find myself reading and connecting with the thoughts of senior pastors as much as youth pastors…now that’s some intersting insight. today in the middle of a service i found thoughts wandering into the role of a lead pastor of a church…then i took captive that thought and made it obedient. well at least supressed. so here is a short list of people i think need to blog and would impact lives of people like me greatly!

1. jim raley
2. td jakes
3. roger clemens
4. tiger woods
5. greg maddux

why are these on a short list…i list these because they all have a different approach in life…from the preacher-it would be great to just read about what God is saying to them as they get revelation from the word and they approach the daily pressures of ministry. the athlete i would love to read their thoughts as they tackle their sport one ball at a time…

sorry ladies…the only female blog i read regularly is my best friends. check hers out-she truly hears from God and writes it down-its real!


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