come on now…

i just read a blog where someone was stuck in the house for 2.5 days and church was shut down due to snow…it’s moments like these that i love me some florida.  i spent the day driving to orlando to attend a meeting for ministers.  (not the most exciting thing in the world to do on monday) i listened to pastors and departments talk ministry, saw some friends and ran into some missionaries…i even got to say a few words about a project they are building at our summer camp facility.

this afternoon i mowed my yard-yes that’s right it has grown so much, since i fertilized it needed some care. i rode my bike for 4 miles with my son, ran into the guy that built my pool.  he was swinging a sledgehammer and i heard this loud cuss word just before i rode by, then he hollers out ” is that pastor al” stopped by to talk, and invite him to alive (our easter service) but the first thing he said was i am coming to alive. someone on his crew has been coming to calvary and has invited him!  cool.  oh yah forgot to say i came home, grilled some steaks out by the pool it was like 68 degrees and we ate dinner on the pool deck.  

the good life…florida! somebody has to live here…my heart goes out to those that are living in the great white north. i will take a few hurricanes over a blizzard any day!


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