outreach cancelled

probably the one thing i hate doing i had to do today.  we postponed (ya cancelled) an outreach we plan and do every year at a skate park in town. the city owns the property and they allow us to post signs and hold a contest on their property.  we register kids in age divisions and run 1 minute heats and our team cheers for every kid.  everyone wants to be cheered for in life.  well i watched the radar all day and saw nothing but green coming our way…well God has a plan.  tomorrow is calvary cares and we are working all day in outreach mode…from an easter egg hunt in the projects to washing cars at k-mart to a drug rehab center block party…we are finishing at the mall with a stand in…i will tell you more tomorrow. we plan to show up with a hundred people and wear t-shirts advertising our easter service then freeze for 5 minutes at a given time (statue) then unfreeze. it’s different but will prove to be a fun way to advertise easter! 


1 thought on “outreach cancelled

  1. pa thats ridiculously cool i wish i could be there… calvary rocks tell me how it goes i hope someone videos it if so post it…

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