calvary cares…

saturday we held our second weekend of just simply letting our community know that calvary cares…it’s not enough to be a voice you have to show some action.  we washed cars, held easter egg hunts, put money in machines at Laundromats, bought groceries for single parents, served hot dogs, pizza and water all over town. it was truly a remarkable weekend of outreach. props go out to our outreach pastor-pastor jennifer woods.  i got to go door to door in the projects and hand out brownies…nothing like walking thru the hood and someone calling out your name. we bused in a lot of kids from this area and i got to see some of them. 

our students went to stewart marchman in the afternoon and held 2 services served pizza and played on an obstacle course…and then we finished by going to the mall and freezing in position for 5 minutes…truly a remarkable weekend.


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