my day…

7 am crawl out of bed…do my business and get rolling.
8 am drop off the boys at school and look for a book i ordered from amazon. 
8:30 – 9:00 wash and vacuum my car-it was bad from being busy!
9:00 squeeze some fresh grapefruit and cook some eggs, whole wheat bagels and strawberries.
10:00 watch lost from thursday night…dvr is a beautiful thing!
11:30 read some blogs and head out to home depot
12:00 noon drop by a few stores and then walk thru home depot…i just love that place.
1:30 ran into a neighbor and invited them to alive.
2:00 check out- bought some weed-eater line and a ceiling fan for the pool deck…ya!
2:30 pick up the boys from school – my book from amazon was in my box-sweet!
3:30 homework, clean out lunch boxes…
4:30 type this out…

the plan for the evening…

mom is in orlando shopping with friends…easter!
chic-fila with the boys…fundraising night for calvary cares.
get the boys ready for bed…

thats my day!

oh…i will probably crash around 11…i am a night person!


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