wednesday night recap…

– students came in slow…like the third service! 1/3 there when we started…depressing start!
– eric did a great job leading worship…
– God showed up in a big way…you just wanted to stay there! the spot!
– we have 2 services, high school and middle school-but when its thick like it was we kept them together.
– i showed a video clip from the passion…this girl on the front row wept the entire time after the clip was shown…she never stopped-even after the altar call.
– when God moves in a service not everyone is gonna get it!
– we were short staffed – sickness (devil) normally we have 20 there we had like 10…
– when God is moving it’s so easy to preach-the students were tapped in tonight to the message!
– we did 3 things tonight – we worshipped, we preached and we hung around the altar.
– 30 kids made a new commitment to be complete in Christ!
– taking an offering in the end of the service – just dropping it in the bucket is not a good idea.
– a hazer set on too much volume can really fill a building without attention.
– the best way to get new young adult leaders tapped into the ministry…get them to pray with a kid that is weeping uncontrollable.
– nights like this…confirm that i truly love what i do.
– when god moves…kids don’t care about the creative video clip and set up you do to get it done-they just want to experience God!
– in order for God to take over…you gotta be flexible-i had to really resist taking control and let God work his plan tonight.
– we had such a crazy afternoon…a mandatory health insurance meeting was held for all employees-i felt like we were on an episode of the office when the guy showed up 30 minutes late and wasted an hour and a half! right in the middle of setup!
– i have a great group of leaders-they got in with the kids and they worked it!
– great service-but i am not satisfied-i am thirsty for more!



2 thoughts on “wednesday night recap…

  1. I got some gatorade bro!!! Which flavor you want, to quench your thirst!! I feel you though Al!! Im thirsty too bro, I just want more of God!!!

  2. i was satisfied.
    gave it all i had that night,i feel like god actually touched me.
    cant wait to come back next week with some more friends.

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