alive 08…prep day

today started with a whirlwind of activity…meeting to settle last minute details for the event of a lifetime. in order to pull off an event like this it takes a huge cast of people. all the pastors and support staff are neck deep in details…BUT we are not sinking. we are swimming in the plan that God has in store for this weekend. it’s such a good feeling when you see people run in their lane and get it done.  its when people get out of their lane that stress and frustration can step in.  here’s a word “stay in your lane” i know m lane and love running in it!  last night i was in my lane…today i am giving creative insight into the drama and setup…basically i am watching and taking notes…our people Got it down!

 my specific lane for this event is to oversee 70 volunteers that will serve as ushers! we will sit people take 2 offerings and collect materials. we have a great plan in place and i have a great cast of support staff to help us get it done. props go out to tomas and pam. i would lose my mind without you guys!

oh yah my wife picked me up a shirt and a tie this week for easter and its bangin! it’s stinkin off the chain, its out of this planet! well thats my interpretation-i just love looking tight on easter. i will post a pic of the forces on easter sunday!


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