alive 08…load in day


its good friday…the day we load into the ocean center wit hall our gear.  we roll deep and it takes time to set all this up.  from nurseries to kids church, front of house to setting the stage with choir risers and even setting up a tv studio and audio studio…it is WORK!  it’s so stinking exciting to see the truss go up, the line array hung and the huge video screens set and ready for a great weekend. thousands of people are going to walk into the ocean center and feel what i felt in the middle of load in.  God is truly in this place!  the excitement was HNL hole nother level.  can’t wait to see the faces of people when they walk into the arena.  

tomorrow is a walk thru with the ushers getting ready for the crowds. i got a great crew of people ready to serve. there are always a few glitches…moments you just have to be flexible in, but it all works out for his good.

i am tired now…gotta get some shut eye before the day tomorrow. i may not be able to blog for a day or so, so Happy easter!


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