alive 08…easter this weekend!

today is the single most important day in the christian faith.  it is a big day and needs o be celebrated in a big way!  alive 08 was a big deal for calvary.  we had the single biggest crowd ever, as well as a massive response in the altars. it was more than a typical easter service-it was an event of mammoth proportions.  the crowds rolled in nearly an hour before and God showed up in a big way.  the music led by our music pastor Mark Groover was on another level!  wow! you could feel god in that place!  kids ministry had 700 kids-thats enough to literally lose your mind over, but went of without a hick-up! the volunteers necessary to pull off an event like this is mind boggling! the media necessary to promote it and push it was on another planet-way to go evan! it can all be summed up in aa text i just got from our executive pastor “this just proves when everyone works together great things will happen. jesus was exalted high!” pastor troy you did a great job…you ran around and got involved in everything from set up to tear down to carrying a bag full of cash to pay out the day labour! you are the man!

huge props go out to pastor Jim Raley! he preached an illustrated message on the power of one and the crowd responded…literally hundreds responded in the altar call! in order for this to be pulled off in the magnitude it was it takes more than just visionary leadership-which we have. it takes more than just money-anyone can throw money around and have a show! it takes more than good music, good people, good sound, good video, good volunteers! it requires the anointing! if you aint got the anointing and that’s terrible english, then you aint got nothing that can change lives. a show without a showing God is nothing more than noise without a purpose!God showed up! you could feel him in the building! you could see him on the faces of the people, you could see him in the response to the preaching of the word. signs and wonders are for today! lives were touched and changed for all eternity!

happy easter!



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