devotion…acts 17 the latest ideas.

Times never change….when paul was in athens he spoke to a group of religious people that were “sitting around and talking about and listening to the latest ideas” there is always going to be some new idea about life, success, politics…whatever is on the minds of people. People will sit around and talk and listen to ideas. I read this tonight and saw a powerless church. the religious are powerless they sit around and talk about the latest ideas but they don’t get up and activate there faith and make a difference in the world around them. Faith is action its not an idea- faith is working and active in order to be alive- ideas are dead because they don’t work unless they are put into action. What this spoke to me today was- we need to be a little less talk and listen to the ideas of man and be more about putting the principles of faith into practice.

I want to be apart of a supernatural church not a group of people sitting around listening to the latest ideas!



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