road trip…spring break in atlanta pt 2 – thursday

The westin peachtree was seriously hit by a tornado…windows were blown out and it is under construction everywhere. Now if you listen to the registration desk calling in advance they might tell you its all good. I’m living proof that this place was jacked up! At 8:40 this morning we were awakened by a jackhammer-on the 56th floor. They are trying to put this place back together. So we made like we were in the tornado and left town. Spent the day at stone mountain and we had a blast from the 4d theatre, train ride and the gondola to the top it was an over the top kinda day. We finished off stone mountain with a duck ride- its an amphibious vehicle they drive on land and in the water. Jake and al got to drive the boat-it was tight.

After that we hit the mall of Georgia- huge mall in Buford. I mean huge! Shopped a bit and then went into a theatre to see Horton hears a who! This was probably the funniest movies I have seen in some time, not that the content was funny, but the response of my kids was hysterical. We were in this huge theatre and nobody was there- it was a private showing for the forces. We laughed, carried on and generally just enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend this movie to any family!

Back at the hotel-tomorrow we venture to the Georgia aquarium, coke factory and a braves game. I picked up a t-shirt for al and jake – tom glavine, mark tiexera and I am wearing jeff francouer – the forces are gonna have a time at turner field!

Oh yah the hotel is still jacked up! They gave me the first night free for all the frustration!


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