overwhelming sunday!


today i went to service and was so excited about just heading to church.  we were going to break ground on our new building and it got me going.  i have been out of town all week and our guys worked so hard to pull all the details together to make this a memorable day!  I was overwhelmed!  from the moment we started each service to the time we spent breaking ground you could not help but feel apart of something so special.  you know God is in the business of doing big things, and what he is doing in the church i grew up in as a teenager is so special. pastor preached on the power of precious seed and i was moved.  he spoke of tommy barnett coming over 9 years ago and pouring seed into his hands and it being the turning point!  the close of each service he and his wife poured seed into the hands of our church family!  it all can be summed up in one quote…mac ballard one of our church leaders said this in a video testimony of his story at calvary “do something so big for God, that only he can get the credit” i wept tears today of joy of where we are headed…what an overwhelming day!  

there will be more days like this…look out calvary the best is yet to come!

1 thought on “overwhelming sunday!

  1. it was amazing… im glad i was in town for that… this was the second ground breaking i have been apart of with calvary… wow God is doing huge things…

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