property appraisers office…

i went to pay my property taxes today…the last day they are due-go figure.  there was a note on the door to go down the hall to the tag office.  i walked in and there is like 100 people crammed into this room waiting for there number to be called and a lady at the front hollering out numbers and orders to people.  i got number 69 and they were on 85.  i waited patiently playing majong on my cel phone listening to people lose there mind over the wait.  when they called 40 i was 29 away the head property appraiser came out and just took anyones payment with a check and there was a mass exodus from the building…it was like a vaccum took place and the air left the building as the people scattered.  from stress to rest in one moment! taxes hate to pay them…hate even more to be put in a hot little room with hundreds of people waiting for a number to be called by the short mean lady…


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