a spiritual awakening!

well this month we are shaking things up a bit in order to go deeper.  sometimes you get moving so fast in one direction in ministry that you have to just stop, look around and see what’s really happening.  we have had some good growth recently, in spite of dropping a bus route to the inner city. it was a tough call for some, but it was the best call in the end for all. we have seen kids come to the altars on a regular basis! we have seen an increase in our fine arts program-a big one! sometimes you just feel like there has to be more! i want to see more in the lives of our students and leaders.

what’s the real issue? creativity doesn’t seem to be an issue, numbers aren’t really an issue-although i am not satisfied and determined to see growth all year long. when kids come in and feel something and then leave the same is messed up!  i hate when the enemy comes in and snatches away the deposit made in lives.  the issue is simple…we need a fresh awakening! a fresh experience and a fresh look at living the life!

so…this month we are determined to get closer to God…we are determined to press harder and watch the oil flow…we are determined to burn! 

my prayer this month is simple-lord send the fire! 


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