mind dump…literally

– i have so much i need to do, so much i want to do, and so much that i have to do! sound familiar.
– fine arts is a freak show-well we have a load of people going this year.
– i’m watching LOST on my dvr…Hugo is seeing junk in this old shack, and its freaky-but i like it!
– does anyone know what a nest is? do you build one when you expel waste?
– i heard toady that a friend is having twins…ouch-we are trying now, but no pregno yet!
– i love my job!
– i love my family!
– i love what God has called me to do!
– i love baseball-but i don’t love the fact that my team is 1 and 3.
– i have heard too many stories about bodily functions gone wrong-
– summer time will be here sooner than i think!
– tomorrow i am practicing with my human video group-fun times!
– i am so blessed!
– i am dreaming about the future so much lately…it’s getting clearer!
– i am thinking about what’s next for crave, my family, the ministry…
– burn-i gave out hundreds of candles-i hope nobody burns down their house!
– i phone-a thing of beauty-but an amazing tool when you jailbreak it!
– i need to get some sleep.
– can you please tell me why a grown man would want to nest? some things in life will forever remain a mystery!

mind dump…


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