sometimes you just gotta laugh…

its friday and the week was intense…its times like this that you just gotta laugh. i came home and the boys were swimming in the pool, so i heated up the hot tub and climbed in with the boys. they love to just swim and splash in the pool. its right in the middles of a wrestling match in the hot tub that i remembered the song trace adkins sang on the last show of the celebrity apprentice. “your gonna miss this” now i am not a big country fan, but this was a serious song…i look at how fast the boys have grown and know that one day soon i am gonna miss wrestling in the pool with 2 boys after a day at work.

don’t take life too serious that you forget to just take time to laugh! time will get away and you will be telling yourself why did i miss so much! take time to enjoy life and laugh! laughter is a medicine!

sometimes you just gotta laugh…

as far as the apprentice goes, i wish Trace would have won but Piers Morgan is an incredible fundraiser. He was the best apprentice…


3 thoughts on “sometimes you just gotta laugh…

  1. how did omarosa ever do this season? I used to watch the earlier years, but lost interest now. she was a real pitbull if i remember correct!

    hope you are well, Al.


  2. PS – i read simple church and it blew me away… the concept seems so empowering.
    I also just finished “Unchristian”. I saw your other post about ‘this generation’, and if you haven’t read that yet, it’s an amazing unveiling of how this generation really works and why. was a great read for me and MCL. Now i’m about to get into “In a Pit with a Lion…” – is it worth getting into?


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