my monday…

took the boys into class this morning…barely made it on time. i came home read my devotion act 21 and then finished editing a video for our outreach dept.-this is fun stuff. i went to my brother in-laws garage and took him to lunch-he’s a great mechanic and he turns 37 today! happy birthday bear! he also got me a great deal on a car-but now mercedes has taken out family members on a sweet deal-well that stinks!
i then went shopping for some vans and ended up buying a pair of jeans, belt and a polo shirt. the moment of the day was stopping by este lauder and buying a refill for a brow pencil. no i did not know what i was buying and yes i said it’s not for me and the girl responded can you tell…whatever. real men will go to makeup counters and buy stuff for women! well at least that’s my argument! stopped in at best buy for a gift, then hit up target for a birthday card and it’s a winner! on the way out hit up starbucks for a green tea frap-i just wish they never nixed the blackberry drizzle.

today was a good day…gonna go spend the evening at my bros house celebrating with fam. what was your day like? spend it at work…

1 thought on “my monday…

  1. Monday, work! Working on sermon for wednesday, tutoring kids, watch a movie with the wife, play a little video game to relax the mind. Play with the dog.

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