God knows how to take care of you!

starbucks pic
today i went to starbucks to grab a carmel macchiato for a road trip to orlando for a meeting. i walked in and saw some people from church…a couple of our youth leaders and their kids. it is so good to go places where you just run into people you know. i grabbed my coffee and asked the barista what was the big unveiling at noon today…it seems they were introducing a new brand of coffee so he offered a sample and i gladly accepted. preparing my sample with some cream and sugar i ran into another youth leader. he found out i frequented this place and came to buy me a gift for my birthday. God sure knows how to take care of you. i came to starbucks later than i planned but i had to have a cup for the ride…i was late at the moment but chose to get a sample of the new blend…in preparing it the blessing came. timing is everything…well its Gods timing that counts. he knew it all and truly knows how to take care of his kids. i love me some starbucks…but only indulge once a week just to save some funds…thanks larry you are a true blessing! Thank you God for putting people like this in my life!
God knows how to take care of you!


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