you know the lost are in the building when…

well another night passes at crave and God truly shows up in a big way. every wednesday my mindset going in is everything has to be just right, from the set up, sound, lights, checkin, down to the level of haze in the building. we have had so many new and unchurched kids flow through our doors that it is truly unbelievable what you see in a service…but this is why we do what we do. if the lost are not coming to your services then you are building a commune and not a community!

you know the lost are in the building when:
– you hear 4 letter words that you don’t hear on network tv…well some you do now.
– you see the bird flying across the room, and it’s not airborne it’s a gesture.
– you talk to kids about the importance of encountering god and they treat you like a substitute teacher-basically no respect.
– you see a kid walk in with a hoodie on and its 80 degrees out and he has headphones on underneath-nothing unusual but the song bangin in his head has a parental advisory.
– you preach on what was Jesus thirsty for when he said i am thirsty and a kid yells out vinegar!
– you break up a fight in the middle of worship-hasn’t happened in a while, but it’s exciting when it does!
– somebody get a new cel phone and it’s not theirs they acquire it in worship!
– 2 kids are making out in the dark-well the back of your room during worship.
– a kid walks in and drops his dope in the hall and you make an announcement that someone dropped their weed when they came in and somebody approaches you with a question “if i say it’s not mine, then can i get it back”
– cigarettes in the parking lot-a person walks in with one behind their ear and they are like 14!
– somebody gets dropped off and they run like a fugitive from staff from the property!
– somebody steals a purse and they take the cel phone and keys and leave the property in a new car. (this is for real)
– worship looks like a concert and a couple is slow dancing…
– somebody hijacks the offering…
– somebody tags a chair with a sharpie…and it says south-side #@$%&%$^%$
– Chic fight in the gameroom over a guy…
– vandalism to anything and anybody///
– stuff disappears.
– lastly—some joker calls you father because they think you are a priest in skinny jeans…

please don’t ever forget the reason why you do what you do…its the LOST!


1 thought on “you know the lost are in the building when…

  1. wow man…gotta say I can totally relate. you are right on! Here is a couple more to add to your list…

    – someone is making innapropriate hand guestures in front of the iMag camera for everyone to see on the big screens.

    – some 6th grader is walking through the crowd during worship and whistling so loud in peoples ears that they go running from him like he has some sort of disease.

    – staff have to break up a couple in the back row that are making out and when they approach they realize it’s not a guy/girl but instead it’s 2 girls.

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