hate it when the kids get sick.

this afternoon i had to come home and watch my boys for a few hours…they laid on the couch watching chowder and moaning about being sick. as a parent it hurts when your kids are sick. it is a rare thing for me to be very sick, but if i do…look out i want to be pampered and i want everyone to feel sorry for me. sickness…they both have this fever going on and it takes the strength right out of them. today i got a text from my wife…our youngest was home and said mom yesterday was fun being home sick-today it’s not so much fun. so here are a few moments i hate to even type about kids and sickness…
moment 1 – its 4 am and one of our boys has climbed into bed with us sometime in the night-he sits up moans and blows-i mean pink chunks everywhere-it covered the bed, himself, pillows and all. what do you do at 4 am with puke all over…go to the couch.
moment 2 – 2 am son walks in and says i don’t feel so good and blows all over the floor…well now that’s one way to wake up-the other way is to get up and step in it.
moment 3 – diarrhea- nuff said.
moment 4 – dysentery in a foreign country-bad rooms, bad food, bad smells and of course only a hole in the floor to use!
moment 5 – preaching in the middle of a message kid walks out and gets 4 steps from her chair and blows – sounded like a river – now that will stir something up in a youth church.

right now you probably can’t believe what you have read, but as a parent you can be superman and catch almost any flying projectile in the palm of your hands…well almost anything.


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