thats what friends are for…

i brought my youngest to school on friday…he’s been out of r 2 days with fever. it was tough getting him to get in gear and get going, he was so down and moping around on his way. he was tired and wanted to feel some love. so i kept telling him your gonna make it its gonna be a great day today…i bet your friends really missed you. he reluctantly walks down the hall towards his class…we walked in right as class was about to start all the kids were in their seats and when we walked in you though some famous person walked in cheers erupted from the whole room…jake was back! you could see a hint of a smile on his face. i took a picture of him in his kindergarten cap and gown…they were taking pics today. he still had a smile on his face…now that’s what friends are for. they pick you up when you feel down!


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