youth ministry moments…


the longer you stay in the game the more the game will change.

i started as a sponsor at a church while i was in bible college-ok this was honestly 17 years ago and you were still buying newsletters from a supply company that was nothing more than a template and you typed out columns and pasted them before you photocopied the project…we taught sunday school, led prayer meetings and did just about everything we could to touch lives. we held an all night event without the youth pastor in the church and it was some experience. the group was relatively small, but we truly wanted to see God touch these kids lives. we did not have intelligent lights, haze, countryman mics, projectors (overhead projector), a band that consisted more than an acoustic guitar, bass, singers and a guy on acoustic. we didn’t have an elaborate checkin process we did small groups and everyone was assigned to a group-basically we knew everyone there. we didn’t have a big budget, a big stage, a big sound system all we had was a big God! that was enough.

…and now

2 words that would describe youth ministry NOW detailed and complicated. we have 2 ministries that share worship and separate for specialized ministry. we have an extensive set of volunteer leaders that serve in very specific areas from check-in, cafe, band leaders, tech, greeting and hospitality as well as altars. our facilities are multipurpose so it takes a crew to set up clean up and break down. the stage is elaborately lit with intelligent lights and covered in truss and spandex. we have big sound, a big band, 3 big projection screens, live video feeds, haze, candles, wireless mics, video feeds…and the list goes on.

the one thing that youth ministry is not is SIMPLE!

it’s so easy to overcomplicate details and miss out on the main detail GOD! the one thing that has not changed in 17+ years is that we truly want to see God show up in a big way and do big things in our students lives.

God is doing it big here!


1 thought on “youth ministry moments…

  1. you’re doing a great job bro. thanks for your influence in our area. When I stopped by a couple weeks ago, I thought you did an amazing job of capturing a cool vibe in the gym. not easy.

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