capturing a vibe…

today i read a comment from a friend that popped into our service to check us out. i love it when people come in and just want to see what the vibe is…it’s funny you can walk into any room where ministry is happening and it doesn’t take long to capture the vibe of that particular place. i have walked into rooms and captured the wow that is stinking amazing vibe, i have walked into places and captured the what the heck was that all about vibe. (do they really have a plan going into this, or just simply wing it…some people tend to wing it when the numbers are small, while others will have a detailed plan to make the most of every moment and capture a real vibe in each opportunity). if you are in ministry in any aspect…to any number of people…ask yourself this question-what vibe are you trying to capture in your ministry?

if we are gonna be so concerned about our culture, then let’s be concerned about the vibe…the vibe you are going for can and will make a lasting impact on your peeps. for us the vibe we strive for can be described simply as an excellent pentecostal experience. we make no excuses-our presentation has to be excellent-but it cannot lack its pentecostal distinctives. you gotta simply know who you are and do the very best to present it and experience it!

props go out to drew for stirring this thought in my head…drews’ vibe at beachside is tight!


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