wednesday night recap…

-worship was intense…sometimes it takes some serious pressing to get out of it what it deserves. props go out to our guys for taking it to another level!
-i saw a friend that snuck in during worship (drew) thanks for coming by and praying! God is up to something here!
-the crowd was good…although 13 kids showed up in the end-it seems a teacher at their school offered them extra credit to go watch a dance recital at another church-nice.
-no matter how hard the devil works to bring frustration-God still gets all the glory!
-candles add so much atmosphere in worship!
-thanks scott for bringing your fire gear and allowing me to interview you! nice touch for our series burn…
-skateboarders were on another planet tonight-i love these kids.
-the altar call saw many filled with the spirit tears flowed and many were refilled!

i preached on the baptism in the holy spirit…the initial physical evidence is speaking in other tongues.
– acts 2:1-4 the day of pentecost! the first backdraft-when a violent wind swept into an upper room a 120 were filled with the Holy Ghost!
– the Gift of pentecost – is a powerful promise full of life changing benefits…

– it’s not your job to figure it out – it’s your job to speak it out!

another powerful night at crave…

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