the list…i have to vs. i get to!

there are so many things we have to do and so many things we want to do in youth ministry. right now i am doing one i want to do…i don’t necessarily have to write a blog, but it’s something I want to do. right now i am watching an episode of the office…love that show! it’s what i want to do! here’s a list of things i have to do…but not necessarily like to do…don’t worry some of you think well i am going to start belly aching-nahhh i have learned along time ago that if you can accept the things you don’t necessarily like to do in ministry (there will always be things you don’t get too excited about), then you will find more enjoyment doing the things you like to do! so here we go…a list of things i have to do…
1. i have to make phone calls to people that will hold me captive on the phone and vent…”let’s pray”
2. i have to pick up after spoiled, lazy, ungrateful students…we call it outreach ministry.
3. i have to make hospital visits to people that have really gross issues…it’s not that i don’t like people i just don’t like being grossed out…my first week in ministry i had to visit this guy in an infectious ward…you put on a suit and the guy was oozing! gross! they said he was bit by a spider…ok i’m thinking i could seriously catch something here-there’s a chance. well, that was 15+ years ago and i am alive so i made it…woo hoo!
4. i have to…ya know i can’t think of too many more things…

there are way more things i get to do that i really love to do…
1. i get to pray every day!
2. i get to preach every week!
3. i get to spend money on gadgets-within reason!
4. i get to see kids get saved, disciple, called and find out their eternal purpose.
5. i get to tithe!
6. i get to give offerings!
7. i get to go to travel to fun places – theme parks, shows, missions trips, fine arts festivals, water parks…
8. i get to play…xbox 360, video games, dodgeball…
9. i get to work for a great church, a great pastor, a great staff with a huge vision!
10. i get to visit the high school i went to every week…some of my teachers are still there…now that’s scary-especially the guy that would threaten us and tell us we would all end up in Nicaragua fighting the santanistas and all we needed to know was “numero uno cervesa por favor” i am going to nicaragua this summer…
11. i get to live the dream God put in my life…

if your list of things you have to do in ministry is way longer than what you get to do, then figure out what you really want to do and start doing it!

Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

go ahead comment i dare ya…what’s something you have to do vs. what you get to do?


1 thought on “the list…i have to vs. i get to!

  1. “4. i have to…ya know i can’t think of too many more things…”

    thank you for that. i know all people have legit NEEDS…but the truth is that few of the things we “need” to do in our week are really needs. some are wants, some are reactions to poor planning, and others are emergency surprises. but writing down what are true needs are helps us to take responsibility for where we spend our time.

    it’s like “i don’t have time to read my Bible”…yet all the things you do aren’t needs in your life and the Bible is. it’s time to re-prioritize.

    thanks again. really helped put words to what i’m facing in my own life. 🙂

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