the disease of familiarity…

i heard a speaker say this in service sunday…this hit me up side the head. in 2 kings 4 the shunammite woman gains a son and loses him to sickness. Elisha the prophet spoke this child over her life at an old age…the woman saw Elisha different her perception was not that he was a traveling evangelist or a preacher or a nice man…she saw him as a holy man of God and she wanted to do something for him. she built him a room on the roof with a table, a bed and a candlestick. perception…if she perceived him as something else she may not have built the room and in turn may not have had the son…now that kinda messes with you!

if the perception of the pastor was shifted in such a way…people would receive a lot more from him…and in turn conceive much more in their lives…basically, when a persons perception of the pastor is off its it leads to a disease of familiarity. its hard to receive from someone you perceive as common.

we need a new perception of the man of God!


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