influence is…webster say-a person or thing with such a capacity or power! who’s power are you under the influence of? so…who is influencing your destiny? the word influence comes from the latin word that means “inflow”. it’s quite simple…whoever you allow to bring their flow into your life thats what is affecting your destiny! the best way i can describe someone’s flow is to look at a river. i travelled to Haiti many years ago and saw these people washing their clothes, pots and bodies in a river, as we drove down stream we saw kids playing in the same water and one kid was standing on the edge peeing in the water, then as we drove further downstream we saw people filling pots with water to take home to cook with…nice! if the people downstream only knew what was flowing into their lives…we truly need to look upstream and see what’s flowing our way!

influence is power and everyone has a measure of it…what’s flowing out of your life into others? if its polluted stank then clean up the flow! my goal is to influence as many as i can for the kingdom…i can’t influence anyone to go to a place i have not been. the most rewarding thing i get to do is influence my students to go after God. i just love it when they choose to chase after God and find out what his destiny is for them!

deep thought today…”check the flow”


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