why blogging…

this is the place where i let people in on all the rants and raves associated with my life and ministry. there seems to be a connection made when people read about every day life…the ups and the downs and everything in between. who reads it…friends, family, staff, my boss, people in ministry and of course people that search google for phrases like cat eye…huh. well i wrote a post a year ago about an expereince at a dry cleaner and a lady with a cat turd in her laundry…it was rank, but got huge reads…this is just one story in my life. sometimes you just gotta laugh at life, even in a blog!

why do you blog?


1 thought on “why blogging…

  1. Actually I started blogging cause I heard you and Pastor Jon blogged!! And I was like man, I want to be like them one day where they are, so I can’t be in Ormand beach every week, so the closet I get to that is reading YALL’s Blog!! Keep it up and writing!! I get encouraged and my creative juices flow, reading your post!! But also I want to give people an insight into my life and how I try to walk to walk that I talk!!

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