houston we have a problem

last night i worked on a few videos for our outreach dept. We shot some video for a series called heart improvement and i used the old home improvement intro with the grunt included for the intro and conclusion. here’s the problem…i have an ibook and i am running final cut pro on it…edited everything down and exported the video and that’s when it happened. i went to burn the dvd in toast and when i slid the dvd in the slot this awful noise started sounded like a meat grinder in my mac. the whole thing shook, i thought it was eating the dvd for a late night snack. Now there are a few responses that could have followed this incident. like stupid mac…or wanna see a mac fly? as i toss it across the room. or a simple shut down let her sit over night (she is my baby) and restart her in the morning. well it’s morning and it still makes that chewing noise-mind you nothing is being burnt on this machine. well thank God for apple care-looks like i need to send it out. i just don’t know what i will do without her….tears are flowing now.

if you feel sorry for me you can send a mac book pro this way! i know some are laughing right now!


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