sermon series “burn pt 3”

tonight we are continuing a series called burn and we finish off with a night to burn on saturday. this was a great series focusing on the spiritual atmosphere of our youth church. if there is one thing i want and desire it’s to raise the spiritual temperature of our students. tonight we are talking about the fire…the benefits…

1. fire reveals the junk as well as the direction we need.
you can stumble over the junk in the dark or you can walk in the leading of God.

2. fire demands a response. you just can’t set someone on fire and expect them not to respond.
i think of 2 responses when the fire falls-people will run from it or run to it!

3. fire restores purity. the dross…the contaminants in our lives will only be purged by fire.

we all need the fire-no matter what age or what place we are spiritually we need the fire in our lives.


2 thoughts on “sermon series “burn pt 3”

  1. nice blog…really like the layout…will make it a regular read

    btw…the “my parent is dying” story was true, in that someone actually said it – certainly hope it wasn’t actually true though…

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