life without a mac…

is it possible? well for the next 7-10 days i am going to be macless. i can already feel the withdrawals, so here’s the skinny on what’s crackin. my mac has issues with the speakers they fade in and out and crack and it’s really annoying, but i have lived with it for some time. the clincher was when i tried to burn a dvd…the drive sounds like a garbage disposal…so i have to suck it up and send it back. the box came today and depression is setting in. what really hurts is pastor jon my compadre at crave was attempting to burn a clip for me for chapel this morning and his mac turned off…the screen went black and it started to smell a little funky-like it was on fire! nice…well if anyone out there in mac world feels like dropping a few mac book pros from the sky we would consider it a blessing! thank god for apple care unless your mac burns up a few days after it runs out! ouch!

if the posts are sporadic for the next week you know what’s up! i still got my iphone and i will post with it and my office desktop!


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