Saturday night burn…

the room was filled with the atmosphere of expectancy. Students and leaders came for one purpose …to burn. I honestly did not know what to expect and the size if tfe crowd was not huge, dies it take a large crowd to burn? I think not. We worshipped. We prayed . We lit a few candles. We even laid out a large piece if canvas for students to creatively flesh out their thanks and prayer. It was one of those unforgetable moments, drawing close to God. We finished the night off with praying for one another, then we broke down and went home.

My thoughts…

– tonight felt really cool and really close to god.
– the canvas idea my wife brought was unforgettable.
– Worship was very intimate.
– the gameroom transformed by curtains and candles had a great vibe.
– thus summer we shall burn a few more times.
– props go out to my guys that do worship…
– props go out to my set up and tear down peeps…what a blessing.
– tj and ronnie thanks for all the extra time on Friday setting up and hauling gear.

Burn on!


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