things i have seen in public lately…

i was at a high school this past week and i saw this kid mus have been about 17 over 6′ tall drop his girl off at the back gate of seabreeze and they were making out…the funny thing was he was riding like a 50hp honda with the little doughnut wheels. i laughed…and laughed again.

at a baseball game with my boys in town it was thirsty thursday…well that meant beerfest and the drunks were out…they obviously were not there for the love of the game!

church parking lot…lady shows up 25 minutes late and turns around because the only spots left were on a dirt lot-I guess it wasn’t there sunday (the kids in the back seat were shocked they were leaving).

at the mall…walling in saw to kids i the backseat of a troopers car-my first thought was shoplifting. on leaving i heard the officer say they tried to steal over $300 worth of clothes…

booty shorts on a 50 year old-man! i have pictures to prove this…he’s a regular at chic fila.

tatoos on people that i thought what is that…

life is so colorful…keep your eyes open and laugh!

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