on saff at a great church…

i have ran into some people this week at statewide meetings that wonder if i am still in youth ministry. my response is…i am having the time of my life. let me explain…when you work with a staff that loves each other and haves fun together…you can’t help bu have he time of your life. we have a great pastor and leader that leads by example-he truly loves to hang around his staff and he truly loves to have a great time. tonight we went to the cheesecake factory for a meal after service and we laughed and laughed some more. you could truly tell that everyone genuinely loved hanging around each other. we are going to be here in town for a few more days…i am looking forward to the time we are spending together!

God has truly brought together a great team and i am blessed to be apart of it!

what do you do when you are not on a great team?
1. pray for god to move on the team.
2. do whatever it takes to be a team player.
3. communication and understanding are important keys to any team.
4. be flexible!
5. don’t compare your team with other teams…all teams have different strengths and different weaknesses and you will be left empty looking at teams that are equipped differently than you and comparing your team to another team.

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