the fire burns on…

woke up this morning to the smell of smoke. last night the fires burned all around the neighborhood and just one block away from our house. it’s monday and i have an eye doctors appt. i had to get my eye dilated – i hate when they do that. it feels like you are walking around all drugged up and your eyes burn and to tp it off i woke up with this amazing headache from the smoke. nice start to a great day! i left my neighborhood and had to drive by a police blockade. on returning i had to talk my way back into the hood…now at this point we made a decision to stay, but we had to pick up the boys from school. i picked them up flashed my license to the police blockade and drove in. the neighborhood is still under a mandatory evacuation and the forestry division is worried about flare ups since the wind is picking up.

one huge fire has burned in the hood all around houses, but none touched by the flames. thank you God for taking care of my house! 2 days of fires and i have missed 2 special parties. pastor jon is 30 and eric is going away:( props go out to pastor Jon welcome to the 30’s and welcome the world of iphone! props also go out to eric…you were a great intern and now you have a new journey to go on…i know you will do big things in dunwoody, Ga. i look forward to hearing all that God does in your ministry!



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