the journey continues…

tonight we start a series on the journey…its full of media and fun. the new Indiana jones movie is coming so we are tagging this series with media from the trailer…the adventure continues. tonight we are going to look at some defining moments in scripture. we all have moments in our lives that truly define who we are.

defining moments…

1. the disciples…jesus calms the storm on there way to the other side of the lake…luke 8
2. david vs. goliath…david “i will cut off your head and feed your carcass to the birds of the air”
3. the 3 hebrews in the blazing furnace…”our God is able to rescue us…but even if he doesn’t we wont bow”
4. esther…brought to the kingdom for such a moment.
5. elijah on mt. horeb…hiding in cave he hears god say what are you doing here?
the defining moment was not the earthquake, the wind or the fire it was the still small voice.

you don’t have to kill a giant, survive a burning furnace or rescue a kingdom to have a defining moment. defining moments happen when you chose to get close to God.

james 4:8 draw close!


1 thought on “the journey continues…

  1. Man you guys inspire me so MUCH!!! This is awesome!!! Hey I was reading a recent post by Brewster, and just wanted you to know that, all that you guys do at Ormand beach, really does inspire me to go the extra mile!! Thank you!!

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