missions…a day of training!

probably one of the most exciting things i get to do is lead a team of students overseas each year. last year we were in hong kong but this year we are heading to nicaragua. we have so many new students that are going on this trip and we are excited about what god is going to do. today we trained all day which is basically time spent praying and working on drama and team building. we had everyone write out their personal testimony today and let them share in front of the group. some are confident and others just can’t believe they have to do this. i was brought to tears several times when kids shared personal things…one student got so overwhelmed that they wept so i stood by and read what they wrote…i cried as well. i love missions and i love trips that make a difference in our students. we have a few struggling to raise the funds so send up a prayer or send some cash…they could use it!

quotes that hit home from students…
“i know God can do anything”
“i believe god can bring peace and hope to anyone”
“i came to crave and my whole life has changed!”
“i use to have a problem with anger…BUT god has changed my life”
” i use to be into satanic things…but god has changed my whole life”

i left today encouraged by students that are truly fleshing out their faith!

we laughed and practiced drama and genuinely got excited about the trip next month!


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