monday…a day off?

my mondays consist of waking up driving my kids to school then i come back home and do some devotion time (study some for wed night too)…then it’s a whirlwind. today i had big ambitions. ever have all these ideas of what you would do in a day and at the end of the day when you are about to pass out, you still had so many things you wanted to do…ya!

today i cleaned the garage, dropped off some stuff at the salvation army, built a corn hole for the kindergarten graduation carnival (my wife is over the decorating), hit the pool store to have my water tested, fixed some sprinklers, went to home depot and wandered around and bought a skill saw and a shower head (you know you need a one when it starts to spew all over the shower) i washed 2 cars, painted to corn hole with 2 coats of white paint (i was assisted by my 6 year old…yes i gave him his own brush), jumped in the pool, grilled some burgers (as i type this i remember i need to cover my grill), went to jump in the shower but i needed to install my new head…ahhhhhhh relief from a new massaging shower head. life is busy…but life is good!

what did you do today?


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