when God shows up!

i titled this blog to reflect my day today. i came in a bit stressed over the finances for a major trip we are doing this summer. last year we took a missions trip and got hammered by the airline 4 weeks out on a fuel que. it’s really a fee they use to tack on for added fuel expenses. well as we all know the gas prices have gotten to my best description a point of being retarded. i am actually paying $4 a gallon. well last week we got what we thought was a final ticket price for our trip this summer and it came in with added taxes and fuel to be $230 higher per ticket. so at this point i am stressed and wondering what will happen this summer. i have been seriously praying for God to show up and sometimes it get worse before it gets better. ever been there.

today we went to ticket the trip and i knew we were short on budget and short on funds. the tickets came in at $300 higher than anticipated. you may read this and say…well duh the gas price is going berserk you should have thought about that. well last year i learned a valuable lesson and even budgeted high for tickets, just in case this happened. well i did not budget this high…so here’s where god shows up! i am in a place i can’t do this on my own, i can’t figure out a way to bring some relief on top of the fact that i have a few students that are in a situation that they don’t have any outside support to be able to make this happen. we were on the phone wit the airlines and i heard the price quote so high i could have screamed and then they started looking at the contract. i negotiated the contract last year personally with the airlines and it seems that there is a clause in our contract that exempts us from certain fees normally added in. the agent did not understand, but it seems all the new contracts don’t have this written in, but this one does. so the bottom line…the tickets came in less than our budget for a whopping savings of $8,500.00 for the trip!

when god shows up…he knew before we even got to this point that we needed this. he goes before us! He showed up in the contract last year and protected us…a huge weight dropped off my shoulders…i smiled and thanked God! just remember this…God shows up way before you stress and way before you need him to he’s always there!



2 thoughts on “when God shows up!

  1. Hey man, I feel your pain. when I budgeted for our inner city Philly trip I listened to the analysts that said worse case scenario gas would be $4 a gallon this summer. we are taking 3 vans and I am afraid gas could be $5 by June. I will pray for your situation.

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