when God shows up…

today we geared up for our sons kindergarten graduation. Now in our house that means my wife will get truly involved in the after party. she is the decorator and has come up with some really amazing plans. 3 years ago our other son graduated from kindergarten and she had me fill baby pools with whites sand so that about 50 or so kindergardeners could play in the sand-it was a luau scene and it was a trip to see how much sand actually was left after the party.

this year is was a circus theme and she had me build a corn hole set for the kids to play in the fellowship hall, we hired a few clowns from our missions team, and she wanted a board made that kids could stick their face thru to take pictures…the problem was a package she ordered was tracked to the post office in town but it was not delivered. here’s where God shows up. i called a guy i knew in the kids dept. that worked there and he said call the main office and leave a message and they will call back. well i left a message and a postal worker did her best to track down the package…it was destined to be delivered one day late…what a bummer! i thanked her and let it go-she said it was wrapped up in pallet somewhere in the warehouse waiting to be sorted tomorrow. you know when you can’t do any more it surely gives god room to move. i broke the news to my wife and she was not happy. we tried…we did our best and it was so close. half an hour later the postal worker i knew calls and says “you must be living right” i was shocked he went to his supervisor that said there is no way you will find the package and then went into the warehouse climbed up the first bin and on top was her package. i asked…it was 2 hours before the party and i asked how do i get it…he replied i am leaving now i will drop it by!

God you are so good to your kids…you truly know how to take care of us! thanks for yet again proving that you can show up when we have done all we can to “make it happen” makes you wanna trust him a little bit more!~


3 thoughts on “when God shows up…

  1. god has a way of doing things that continues to marvel us. today i was reading from a book entitled “god in the flesh” & its main theme has to do with how amazing jesus is. everywhere he went, the crowd were spellbound – amazed, awed, captivated by him. yes when he shows us, something always happens.

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