media fast…

went on a media fast for the last few days for our trip to nicaragua this summer. our team fasted media and it was truly tough on many. you never really know how you are attached to something until it’s taken away. i turned off xm radio, the tv, the internet unless it was for work, movies and set down the ipod. spent more time reading and doing other things…noise is all around us and its peaceful to just turn it all off for a season. i did not even know that “david” won idol until a few days ago…i was cut off from society.

well today i broke the media fast…woke up and found out what’s going on in the world of sports, played a few rounds of mario kart on wii and then went to see Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. today is memorial day and it has shaped up to be a fun day!


if you loved the original indy movies, then you will love this one too.


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