this weekend was memorial day weekend and it seems everyone in public schools walked this weekend. they not only walked on a stage to get a diploma, they walked onto a new stage in their adulthood life. i have watched most of my graduates grow up in crave…i have seen them grow up and yet some grow farther away from God. I believe this group has so much potential to do some incredible things. with potential comes the responsibility to live up to what has been deposited in them. I will miss this group dearly, some are leaving for school this fall and others are sticking around. the one thing i would want for them is to not miss out on the purpose and plan God has for them.

sunday night we had our annual senior dinner at buca and the majority of our seniors made it. this is the largest crowd we have graduated out of crave! i found myself looking around the room and becoming sad and excited. sad…because i would lose some great kids, sad…because i saw some living up to less than what they are capable. excited…because i saw greatness in the room, excited…because i know that God has a plan and the deposit of God’s word made in this group will not come back void!

class of 2008…i will miss you-and i can’t wait to see all you do!

ahhhhh buca!


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